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You have an older kitchen today and you are considering replacing it with a new and modern kitchen. You also know that it becomes expensive but Scandoor offers a simpler and cheaper alternative. Kitchen in one day.

Most older kitchens have a solid and well functioning skeleton that is not necessary to replace. We can replace the doors, cabinets and drawers, of course with new dimmed fittings so the doors and drawers close silently.

Since we do not have to make the entire kitchen, we can assemble your new Scandoor kitchen in just 1 day.

In this way, the kitchen is renewed and sustainable at a fraction of the price and with least difficulty for you. Of course, Scandoor also provides renewal of bath brewing elements and cabinets.

Contact your nearest dealer for a free offer to renew your kitchen.


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3. Installation in 1 day

Breakfast in the old kitchen,

Dinner in the new kitchen

1. We measure your kitchen

2. The order go to our factory